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 Sayonara KOR and Rohan Online

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Sayonara KOR and Rohan Online Empty
PostSubject: Sayonara KOR and Rohan Online   Sayonara KOR and Rohan Online Icon_minitime27/07/08, 07:25 pm

I just want to make this simple and easy.
Well... first of all, I would like to say thanks to all who've been there for me in Rohan Online as long as I play the game.
And now, I would like to inform everyone that I make my leave from this game entirely.

For anybody wondering why I leave the game, anyone should know the famous reasons why MMORPG players feel when certain games not meant to mix with their soul.

I leave Rohan Online for another game called Atlantica Online which I tried during this close beta period.
So far, it suits my taste of MMORPG so far and more better environment than Rohan Online environment itself.

Lastly, good luck to everyone who enjoy Rohan Online and may Knights Of Rohan guild stay firm and strong in Akhma Server.
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Sayonara KOR and Rohan Online
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